Tyler Sengia

Notes for Starting Typescript

TypeScript is key to building maintainable applications for the web, but often lacks the easy start that vanilla JavaScript enjoys.

IoT Dashboard: An AWS Migration

For my capstone project at Penn State, I built a React JS single page app (SPA) that used Axios to communicate using an IoT protocol known as oneM2M in realtime.

BLE LED Lights: Another ESP32 Thing

ESP32 based microcontrollers are great for IoT applications, and allow you to use low power communication protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy.

2022 Hack PSU 1st place: Sauron

I won first place at the Hack PSU hackathon in Spring of 2022! My team’s entry was titled Sauron, which is an event data aggregator and dashboard for crisis situations hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

Archive: Old Web Projects

I have been programming since a very young age, and quickly began creating mini games using the HTML5 Canvas element and JavaScript.