Tyler Sengia

Archive: Old Web Projects

I have been programming since a very young age, and quickly began creating mini games using the HTML5 Canvas element and JavaScript.
Eventually, I figured out how to use PHP and MySQL to create some websites, which I’ve preserved on this website too.

These projects are listed in chronological order: most recent projects at the top and older projects at the bottom.

🎹 Piano Web App

During COVID-19 lockdown, I built a small web app to play a virtual piano.

You can read more and play it here

🗺️ Two Dimensions

While learning HTML5 and JavaScript, I created a 2D block based HTML5 Canvas game.

You can read more about it here

➕ 4 Bit CMOS 4XXX series Full Adder

In my high school electronics class, I built a 4 Bit full adder using only discreet CMOS 4XXX series IC’s.

You can read more about it here

🔒 Keypad Widget

My father is an Instructional Tech Specialist, which means he helps teachers use technology in the classroom. He once asked me to code up a little web widget for students to use for the popular “breakout room” activity.

So using HTML and JavaScript I made a webpage that shows a keypad. If you type in the right combo, it flashes “Success!”. The default key code is 48362.

You can use the breakout room keypad here: keypad.html

📚 MLA8 Citation Generator

During highschool, I had a large literature-oriented research project that required making dozens of MLA-8 citations. I didn’t like using Chegg’s Easybib citation generator because the number of ads on the website made it painfully slow. So, instead I created my own citation generator.

Please note, this generator is bound to have problems, and I am not liable for any issues arising from the use of this generator.
This generator is licensed under the MIT License.

You can use the citation generator here: mla8_citation_gen.html

🐟 8 Bit Bio

Screenshot of the 8BitBio homepage.

During middle school, a good friend of mine and I decided to build a website to turn in as our project for Biology Class. We named it 8BitBio and thought we could make “biology cool again.”
Wow, just writing that makes me cringe now.

Writing the website taught me about PHP, IP addresses and how HTTP servers work.

You can see 8BitBio in it's preserved state here: 8bitbio/index.html

🎬 Proanimation’s Weebly Website

Screenshot of the Proanimation's Site homepage.

My very first website was built on Weebly.
As you can tell, the styling was pretty bad, but I thought it was awesome as a kiddo.
I used this site to host my HTML5 and JavaScript creations.

Some of the links on the website are broken and lost to time forever.

You can see the Proanimation's Weebly site in it's preserved state here: weebly/home.html